Dreams of Demonic Possession

I am someone who has always been very interested in demons and devils and things of that nature and I have done extensive amounts of research into satanism and devil worshipping and I think the reasons behind my purposes of doing so and wanting to learn about these types of things is because I know that it is out there in our world and I want to know why people get involved in dark things like this. Of course there are millions of satanists and devil worshippers in the world who more than likely do very strange things when they get together for a Black Mass but the thing is I want to know what actually happens at these get togethers because I think it is fascinating and scary and works for storytelling in a bunch of different ways, and so I have done my research and through studying my research and actually wanting to know about this type of stuff I have in fact opened up dark doors into my mind for demons to come and possess me and my mind, even if it is only very temporarily. What I have found out is that demons and devils and things of that nature really are good and specialize in tormenting humans in their sleep while they are in the subconscious realm, and that is something that I have experienced time and time again through sleep paralysis.

Now a lot of people have had sleep paralysis in the past or at least at some point in their lives and I think that sleep paralysis is definitely a real thing that happens in the world, but my first time that I had sleep paralysis I had barely ever heard of what it is and what is so strange is that when I started to look up what sleep paralysis is and what people other than myself have gone through we all have generally had the same dream. What are the odds of thousands upon thousands of people having something of the same dream? I think that there is a lot more to dreams than most people think about and I think that sleep paralysis isn’t just some type of disorder it actually is a demonic possession and if you ask anyone who has undergone a sleep paralysis experience they might as well tell you the same thing because they’ll understand what that feeling feels like, and it really is very scary.

So what the demonic possession of sleep paralysis is like is pretty much that you are having a dream but your dream is of you lying in bed, but you can not move at all. It feels like there are a bunch of needles sticking into just about every pore of your skin and forcing you to stay put, and while you are stuck a dark person, a strange dark figure that is barely visible walks up closer and closer to you until you are right next to this dark figure, and at the same time you can not move and it is just really scary and frightening. Now if this isn’t a demonic possession then I don’t really know what demonic possession is, but for now I am thinking that my experiences of sleep paralysis are as close to a real demonic possession as this world knows because I’ve experienced it and it is extremely scary and traumatizing.

Demons of our Lives

There is no doubt about it that everyone in the world, Christians and Muslims and atheists live with demons, and although you might not think of your demons as an actual living entity of a different dimension you still have your problems that you may see as metaphorical and for the most part the demons of our lives are all metaphorical because they are issues and problems and hardships that we all face within our daily lives, but when do we actually see the true evil of the world emerge. A lot of us, especially those who are on this type of web page online researching things like demonic possession will try to actively seek out this type of evil just to see it work its magic powers against us and then of course that can lead to a lot of wasted time and more than likely that is going to be the outcome of this type of pursuit. But of course we can always look into the details about the people and very rare cases in which people have been exposed to real demons and the other side of the dimensions that exist within our world, and this can be absolutely fascinating because so many people today are not quite sure if these alternative dimensions exist or do not exist and to hear and learn from someone who potentially has seen the realms of these dimensions open up to them in the real human world is fascinating and at the same time can lead a lot of people to be naturally skeptical.

The truth of the matter is that we can’t really be so sure as to what the demons of our lives really are until we pass away and see what the next dimension actually is all about and if it is even there, but of course when we see small signs and proof that there are just some existential evidence of the demonic possessions that we see in Hollywood movies and things like that we can of course see all of the types of thing that we are all so fascinated by unfold right in front of our eyes. I think that if you are the type of person who is really interested in learning more about demonic possession and you are also the type of person who truly does believe that there are demons in the world that we can not see that live within the confines of an invisible dimension that is distinct from the reality in which humans live in then you are definitely in a really great spot online and we are just really happy to have you here. Of course what we are talking about is very dark and mysterious but that is part of the fun of this type of subject, and this innate part of human nature to want to know about this type of stuff is also just as cool as the actual content itself, and I think that brings me back to the idea of the demons of our lives.

We are all living out our lives with demons whether we know it or not or believe in demons or not they are there and a part of our culture and are just something that we need to face up to.

Demons and Neurology

Since the beginning of time and throughout all of human existence humans have believed in the concept of demons and devils and all these evil deities that go by unseen in our world, and for the most part this type of philosophy might seem like a bunch of crap because in today’s age there isn’t that much proof of the existence of demons, but of course exorcisms still exist today and although it may just seem like something you would see in a Hollywood movie it still is of course something that we are more than willing to help out with and in your knowledge and search for more information about demons and demonic possession we are definitely going to be helping you out here on this site. So if you are the type of person who is really interested in devils and demons and satanism and things like that then you are definitely in the right place online because as we continue to tell you more about demonic possession and demons and neurology we should definitely inform you right away that what we are talking about is definitely very confidential information that not too many people get to know about in their entire lifetimes. We are here to indulge you in so many secrets about the human mind and how we actually have the capacity as humans to enter the demonic realm that we can not see through our subconscious thoughts and things of that nature, and so if you really think about it demonic possession and demons are all in our heads, but that doesn’t make them fake or any less real than something that you can see and feel in the tangible reality that is our human world.

The thing is that when we start to think about demonic possession and a demon or devil encompassing a human body within the soul of someone else we definitely think about the movie The Exorcist that was a huge Hollywood hit a really long time ago and of course has since created an elaborate franchise out of the demonic stories, but of course these things are much more real than Hollywood depicts them to be, and that is why we are here to tell you that demonic possession starts off in the mind of humans and there is not any real evidence towards how exactly a demon gets inside someone’s mind but it of course is more than likely from the invitation and acceptance of that demon in one’s minds through the actions and thoughts that they have provoked throughout their lifetime of sin and deceit. Of course you don’t have to be a bad person to be possessed by a demon and a lot of good people are possessed be demons all of the time, so sometimes you can’t really tell if you are going to be in the type of situation in which you are going to need to figure out things as soon as possible or what because demonic possession is a neurological concept that happens specifically in the mind of the victim, and that is why it is so confusing to understand and figure out its origins because the origins are always within the landscapes of the human mind.